Top Tips for Bathroom Refinishing

A bathroom is a very critical area of any house. People are very much concerned with the condition of the bathroom that they are willing to spend more money towards making it look elegant. It is one of the rooms which is frequently used in the house. This is why bathrooms experience a lot of wear and tear. You can engage in cabinet refinishing, reglaze the bathtub, resurfacing the tiles and repainting the whole bathroom. Refinishing offers a wonderful opportunity for the homeowner to ensure that the bathroom acquires a new look. Learn more about cabinet refinishing.

Epoxy finishing kit is one of the most valuable tools in making the process possible without incurring a lot of costs. Though there other items that you can use for bathroom refinishing, epoxy refinishing kits are the most preferred.

You should make sure the bathroom is spotlessly clean before you start refinishing work. You should wipe all the dust with a dry cloth. This ensures that there are no uneven surfaces or marks that will show when epoxy is applied. You should then mix the epoxy concentrate using the mixing brush when the surface is dry. See refinish bathtubs.

When it has been well mixed, the epoxy is applied to the areas you want to be painted in the bathroom. You should expect to do this work for around one hour. Keep the brush and the mix in a cold place to ensure that they do not harden. The best storage area is a fridge. The first coat should stay for around 24 hours before you apply another coat. Take the mix from the refrigerator. Allow it some time for it to get some warmth and then apply the second layer. You should not use the areas that have been applied epoxy for around five days. However, walls and the floor can be allowed 24 hours before they are used. This is usually the tub and the sink. This is in a bid to ensure that, it dries completely. If used before the epoxy dries, the areas can have a very annoying look as the leveling is affected.

You should inspect the bathroom to ensure that any cracks in the tiles are fixed before you apply the epoxy. You should never apply a finish before ensuring that some problems which the epoxy finish cannot handle are solved. Most of the refinishing products are very safe to use. They also guide you through well-detailed instructions. This will help you to do things in the right way. You do not have to employ someone to apply the finish for you as you can do it yourself which is crucial as it saves money.